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We start an eLearning course of Project management basic in English.

This program is sold in Japan, and more than 400 people took this course in Japan.



Nowadays, it is common that we are using English in business.

Furthermore doing project management in English makes your career up.

If you can use English in the global project, your value will be higher.

If you don't...


  1. 您可以通盤了解專案管理的英文用法

  2. 可獲得5個PDU

  3. 節省您的時間

  4. 課程之內涵是實務的知識且通用於國際與日本

  5. 您可以獲得專案管理相關電子報,包括最新專案管理知識


The merit of this course.

1.You can learn project management basic knowledge in English.

2.You can get 5 PDU.

3.You can save your time.

  (This eLearning has no video, you can proceed with your speed.)

4.You can get proven project management method in Japan.

5.You can get the latest newsletter about project management periodically.

  (In Chinese)


Special offer



Special opening Campaign!!

Closes on April 30th

原價2000元台幣 (5 PDU)

We can give you the special price.

Ordinary our fixed price is 2,000NTD (5PDU).


1500元台幣 (5 PDU)


We offer 1500NTD (5PDU) by the end of April. 


This campaign is going to close on April 30th.

課程訊息   Detail information.


Cource title    :PMO case study basic 5PDU

Platform           : Contents bank®

Language(語言)   : All contents are English (英文)

課程簡介  Course summary  :


 ・We can learn essential base knowledge of project management



 ・This course is based on PMBOK®Guide knowledge area 



 ・This course includes not only theory but also real case study



 ・All contents are written in English


・This course does not have video. Only text base learning.


適合本課程人士  Target Persons :


・The person who wants to learn basic of project management in English.



・The person who wants to start studying project management. 



Preconditions (條件)           :  No preconditions  無特定條件

Learning period (學習期限)  : Three-month           三個月

Average learning time        :  5 hours                五小時

Course contents (內容) :

   Introduction 簡介

   Lesson1 what is project.                     何謂專案

   Lesson2 Progress management           進度管理

   Lesson3 Issue management                議題管理

   Lesson4 Risk management                  風險管理

   Lesson5 Change management             變更管理

   Lesson6 Communication management  溝通管理

   Lesson7 Quality management              品質管理

   Lesson8 Cost management                  成本管理


Condition of issuing PDU    凡是您完成以下即可獲得5個PDU

To issue PDU certificate, you need to clear the condition below.

  1. You have to complete all lessons. (100% progress)  完成課程

  2. You have to clear all examinations.   完成課程測驗

  3. You have to submit a questionnaire. 完成回答問卷調查 


Contact details for inquiries (聯絡方式)



​As a R.E.P., Management Solutions co.,ltd.  has been approved by PMI to issue 
professional development units(PDUs) for its training courses.





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