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(名額已滿)2017 Global Leader Training in Hong Kong 全球領導培訓營(24 PDUs)

*主題: 2017Global Leader Training 全球領導培訓營

*地點: 香港

*日期: 7/25 –7/28, 2017


*聯絡人 張先生

*主辦單位:Management Soultion, Co., ltd(MSOL-JP)、元嵩管理顧問股份有限公司(MSOL-TW)

PDU: 24 PDUs Course or Training [Leadership 10 PDUs, Strategy & Business Management 7 PDUs, Technical 7 PDUs] or maximum 24 contact hours for PMI PMP*, PgMP* Exam candidates.


This training course is designed by the Training Division at Management Solution Co., Ltd. (MSOL) in cooperation with PMI Taiwan. MSOL is a leading expert in the practice of professional PMO consulting services.

In today's complex business environment, global project success depends on combination of the knowledge of and leadership skill in project/program management. In this 3-day session, attendees will learn how to manage global projects using best practices from some of the most successful global business leaders. In addition, a half day exchange session with a company in China. This training will help you push leadership skills to the next level of performance, productivity, and effectiveness. In addition, this course includes a half-day networking and business exchange session with major Chinese firms to build your leadership competency. This in an excellent opportunity not only for learning the practical techniques of project management but also for learning real-life communication skills across several cultures. Attendees from various countries (China, Taiwan, Hong Knog, South Korea, India and so on) are welcome.


To become a leader who can successfully support global businesses as well as global programs and projects.


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